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Embrace the co-living lifestyle.

From single bedrooms to one-bedroom apartments in co-living communities, Staysumo is all you need.

Living spaces that turn into communities.

FACT: Humans are better together.


Hence, StaySumo partner's co-living spaces are more than just a place to stay. They are vibrant communities that inspire and intellectually stimulate its members through regular events, potlucks, meetups, open-mics etc.

Benefits of Staysumo

Thriving Community

Join a community that shares your values, interests and intent without invading your privacy.

All-inclusive Pricing

You do not have to pay for everything separately anymore. Your bill will include most of your basic* necessities.

Great Options

We work with multiple partners across price and feature ranges so we've certainly got what you're looking for.

Zero Brokerage

We do not charge any brokerage from renters. We get paid by the space for our services and that is all we need.

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Why is co-living better?

It is the most fulfilling way to live in a city while building meaningful relationships with other residents. Co-living spaces are designed to ensure privacy and at the same time to nurture a community that is resourceful, inspiring and mutually-benefitting to its members. Apart from these, there are many other reasons why co-living is a good option for you, like:

  • Shared common costs

  • Sustainable practices

  • Hassle-free maintenance

  • Round the clock security

  • All inclusive pricing

Got Questions?

Get a callback from Staysumo and get your queries answered. 

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